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Volume 1, Issue 5
July 6, 2004

Dear alumni, family, friends and supporters,

Spring is finally over and the Summer is upon us. Finals, moving out, scrambling for storage space and figuring out just where exactly you’re going to live for the next three months… it’s been a hectic past couple of weeks. Not least among recent happenings is the fact that we’ve added several more Gauchos to our ranks of alumni! So read on in this special GRADUATION EDITION of our newsletter…

UCSB Roller Hockey’s Class of 2004

This was a tumultuous past season for both our A and B teams. Regular season records and post season performances were disappointing, but off the rink improvements kept the Gauchos optimistic. Through it all, our seniors brought experience and (relative) maturity to the mix. The following is a brief description of each senior…

Loren Cogswell, #14, Forward – South Pasadena, CA – Cogswell was the four year anchor for our B team. Dependable, hockey smart and a natural leader, he led the Gaucho B team to a WCRHL B Division championship in 2002-03. With a nose for the net and an ability to see the entirety of the rink, Cogswell was a perennial scoring threat who could be counted on to make the right play. Loren was also the intramural roller hockey coordinator for almost the entirety of his career here at UCSB, shepherding the program in the long interim before the construction of the RecCen II and its indoor roller hockey facilities. Loren “Smiley” Cogswell graduated with a BS in Aquatic Biology, and is currently in French Polynesia scuba diving.

Greg Franks, #13, Forward/Defense – Los Gatos, CA – Another four year player, Franks captained the A team during his fourth and final season with the program. He was a member of the 2000-01 team that demolished their round robin bracket at Nationals in Upland, CA – including a convincing defeat of eventual 2001 national champions Rochester Institute of Technology – before being upset by the University of Central Florida in elimination play. With a deceptively nonchalant style, Greg “Garbage” Franks was capable of notching a point on any given play – especially if he was around the net. As a versatile hockey player, he could be counted on as both a forward and a defenseman, filling both roles during his senior year when needed. Greg graduated with a BS in Physics, and will be living and working in the Santa Barbara area for the next year.

Sean Gillespie, #50, Forward – Sacramento, CA – The 2003-04 year was Gillespie’s only season with the program. He quickly made his mark as the B team’s hustle player, stymieing opponents with his constant forechecking and playing a valuable part on defense with his willingness to backcheck on every play. He also made his mark as the team’s most dominant table hockey player, dethroning the previous champion Alex Hynes. You definitely knew that when Gillespie was playing, he’d get two or three rebounds on you eventually. Quick to laugh and easy to get along with, Sean was a great presence to have on road trips and during long tournaments. He was also a great example for our teams, having his working his way up from the intramural program and on to the club level. Sean graduated with a BA in Business and Economics, and is working and living in his hometown of Sacramento, CA once more.

Christian Jones, #29, Goalie – Santa Barbara, CA – Jones was a two year member of the program, having transferred to UCSB for the Fall of 2002-03. He made an immediate impact between the pipes for the B team, and had the best goals against average at the 2003 WCRHL regional tournament on the way to winning the B division. Jones was an intense competitor with a strong work ethic, leading the way in every aspect during games and even practices. Though his quietness could sometimes be mistaken for shyness, Jones was simply as laid back as they come. He graduated with a BA in Art Studio as well as Art History, and he will attend Michigan State University in the fall, where he plans to attain his Masters in Illustration, and continue playing goalie.

Phil Kamhi, #10, Forward – Thousand Oaks, CA – Kamhi was also a two year member of the program, and proved to be an always dependable part of the B team. Kamhi was a true hockey devotee, often rink ratting his way into playing four or five games straight on intramural nights. That passion transferred over to the rink where he was known for his tenacious checking and an ability to emerge from scrums with the puck. Affable, responsible and always willing to lend a helping hand, Phil was a valued member of the team during his two years here. In a program that’s seen its fair share of unique puck handling styles, Phil’s will definitely go down as one of the more interesting, and it will be sorely missed. He graduated from UCSB with a BM (Bachelor’s of Music) in Music, and has just bought a house in Reseda.

Mike Saksen, #16, Forward – Half Moon Bay, CA – Saksen was elected an alternate captain his junior year, and has not disappointed since. As a four year member of the A team along with fellow senior Greg Franks, Mike led by example throughout each season. Never missing practices, giving rides to freshmen (and sophomores, juniors and seniors) and generally proving why the Class of 2004 was so valuable. Capable of both speed and power, he could be counted upon to do the things every team needs done. Perhaps the best summation of Saksen’s career can be seen in the way he began and ended it: a hat trick against the University of Michigan Wolverines in the 2001 National Championship Tournament as a freshman, and an overtime shootout goal against Cal Poly SLO this past May during his senior campaign. Mike graduated with a BS in Zoology and will be living and working in Daly City, CA.

Other members of the program who also graduated this past year:

Ralph Herbst
Eric Movsessian
Sean Palmer
Ryan Rosemann
Brad Smith
Randy Wright

USAHIL National Championships – Alpharetta, GA

The College Division at the USAHIL National Championships will run from August 2 to August 5 at The Cooler in Alpharetta, Georgia. The WCRHL is looking to fill up at least one slot, and if possible two, to represent the Western Region at the College Division. This tournament is limited to Division I A players.

The Western Region team will be chosen by WCRHL league director Brennan Edwards. All players are encouraged to email him at if interested.

The tournament entry fees will be picked up by the WCRHL, which leaves hotel and air fare to the player. Hotels (estimated at $49 to $99 per night, USAHIL has recommended hotels) and air fare ($250-$300 on should not be booked until your place on a roster has been confirmed by Brennan. Some of the hotels will have shuttles going to and from the rink.

The WCRHL will be competing against the other regions of the NCRHA in this exhibition event.

Summer Hockey

There will be a UCSB only pick up session once a week on Sundays from 8-10 PM (or 8:30-10:30 PM, depending on a few factors) at Earl Warren. All players staying in Santa Barbara for the summer are encouraged to come out and play, as well as any interested players. There will be no cost for members of the club. These Sunday night sessions will be subject to periodic blackouts from the Earl Warren Showgrounds administration, and the schedule will be posted soon at the website at

There will also be pick up sessions at Carpinteria’s Thunder Bowl (exit right Bailard Avenue off of 101 South) Wednesday nights. The time for this is still up in the air. There might occasionally be a small fee for each pick up session there.

A more detailed schedule will be published soon.

Everyone else – keep playing hockey at home! Adult leagues, pick up, tournaments, anything will help.

The A team may possibly enter a tournament later on this summer. Keep in contact with me for details as to when, where and what tournament.

May Wrap Up

May was a busy month for the Gauchos. It started out with the 4th Annual Hockey Night in Santa Barbara, back from a one year hiatus. The Cal Poly SLO Mustangs came down to play the home team at the Earl Warren Showgrounds as usual, but this year had something special.

The day began with a hastily organized barbeque at Girsh Park in Goleta. Though tables and chairs were lacking, everyone made do because this was the first time in many years that family, friends, the team and especially the alumni had a chance to get together again.

Alumni included club founder Stephen Underhill, as well as former club presidents Dave Wagner and KC Douglas. Other alumni: Bill Mulligan, Joey Nagel, Tristan Emrich, Lucas Novak, Shaun Wright and honorary UCSB hockey alumnus Noah Smith. If I forgot anyone, I apologize!

There was plenty of food, lots of first meetings and constant reminiscing. Noah Smith, Media Relations Director for Hockey East, presented the team with a Hockey East jersey. The cap the barbeque off, the team then presented a new UCSB Hockey jersey to Stephen Underhill on the occasion of the club’s 10th anniversary. Steve sported the new look during the alumni game, complete with his #31 on the back.

The first game of the day occurred between the Cal Poly SLO and UCSB B teams. It was a hard fought match, with SLO arriving short of a few players and adding UCSB’s Ricky Matulac and CP SLO club president Pat Moyer to their roster. Though SLO would eventually win, UCSB kept the game interesting throughout with several hard fought goals.

The alumni game also went off great. When a few alumni cancelled at the last minute, the teams were filled out with seniors Mike Saksen, Greg Franks, Jeff Rieden, Phil Kamhi, Loren Cogswell, Sean Gillespie as well as myself. The team led by goalie Underhill and the triple threat of Nagel, Emrich and Wagner dominated another team made primarily of current seniors. Recent graduate Lucas Novak manned the other net. Absolutely no score was kept, but all the young’uns learned quickly to make sure they started skating backwards as soon as Dave Wagner got the puck and a good time was had by all.

The night was concluded with the third and final game between the SLO and UCSB A teams. A good mixture of UCSB students, player family members, alumni and local community members came out to watch these two talented teams go at it.

The level of play was a great representative of the WCRHL in general, with both teams skating hard and showing great puck movement. Scoring was a seesaw affair, with both teams scoring one after the other. The intensity of the play was also very evident, as several scuffles and fights broke out between the always bitter rivals despite the game’s status as exhibition.

Juniors Greg Snelling and Derek Kokubun each notched a goal, with sophomores Yu Matsumoto and Gordon Jack also scoring.

Due to the number of fights that occurred in the first and second periods, it was decided between the two teams to call the game short tied at 4-4 and instead finish it off with an “overtime” shootout.

Snelling, Kokubun and Jack were each called up to take a shot, as well as senior Mike Saksen. The Class of 2004 would come through as Saksen would be the only Gaucho to score. After the Mustangs also managed to score on only one of their opportunities, the stage was set for sudden death shootout.

Sophomore Evan Markgraf was tapped to take UCSB’s first try, and he came through with flying colors. Speeding down the empty rink in his usual high flying style, Markgraf buried it past SLO’s goaltender Chris Herbert to make the score 6-5.

After giving up only one goal throughout the game, stellar freshman goalie Sean Seal watched as fellow freshman Jason Green took his turn at stopping the Mustangs. Green, looking a bit shaky during regular period play after the long layoff since the end of the season, came through spectacularly with the game winning save to give the Gauchos a thrilling 6-5 (OT) win.

After the high of Hockey Night, the Gauchos would settle down during the weekend for a game of poker to fundraise money for the Jack Canfield Chicken Soup Fund, a medical resource for UCSB students encountering health problems. The tournament volunteers put in hard hours setting up the event, but it was worth the estimated $1500 worth of prizes players were playing for. After a short turnout, it was decided that in order to increase the amount of money generated for the Chicken Soup Fund members of the team would be allowed to play instead of merely dealing. This turned out to be ironic, as senior captain Greg Franks took in second behind yours truly, with several other Gauchos finishing “in the money” to take home some of the great prizes. Thanks to the generous donations of several of you as well as the Santa Barbara community, we raised hundreds of dollars for the Fund.

Thanks again to everyone who made May possible, especially the families who came for our barbeque and the alumni who revisited us.

That’s it for now. Keep checking the website within the next few weeks for more updates and new pictures of the RecCen II.


Jonathan Tu
President, UCSB Hockey

All images and text are the property of UCSB Hockey
Watch as the Recreation Center II and our indoor SportCourt facility develop. This picture album will grow as the construction progresses. The opening date is set for Fall/Winter quarter of 2004-05.