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Why would you come to UC Santa Barbara and play hockey?

Really, though, the question is why wouldn't you want to come to UC Santa Barbara and play hockey? It's simple: nowhere else will you find a better combination of comfortable California living, excellent academic standards, state of the art roller hockey resources and facilities, and all around awesome college life than at UCSB. Our beautiful campus and one of a kind commitment to collegiate roller hockey mean one thing: you really can play hockey by the beach.

Read below for some basic information, then start learning about The School, Isla Vista and UCSB Hockey. Then find out about our Admission Standards.

Some Information...

Scholarships: UC Santa Barbara Roller Hockey will be offering a few scholarships opportunities during the upcoming season. These grants will be available on a need basis, requiring the recipient to verify their financial aid eligibility through the Financial Aid Office (located at the SAAB building).

The application process will occur during Fall Quarter. Successful applicants will receive their grants for the Winter Quarter. In addition to the amount of the award offered, team dues for the Winter will be waived. UCSB Roller Hockey cannot and will not offer a "full ride" to any prospective or current players - these scholarships are meant to alleviate some of the costs of being a college student, not to put a roller hockey player through school.

Grants will be awarded on three criteria: 1) verification of financial aid elibility 2) an interview with club officers, the Sport Clubs Coordinator and Recreational Sport's Director 3) satisfaction of club policies (ie, attendance at practices, games, etc).

For more information, contact us.

Eligibility: To be a Sport Club athlete, prospective players must fulfill the following criteria:

- Completion of a registration packet including emergency contact information, proof of primary medical insurance, a waiver and a medical clearance form.
- A doctor must sign the above mentioned clearance form after satisfaction of a physical. The form can be downloaded from here. Only one physical will be required during the entirety of the prospective player's career, but this clearance form must be returned before the first game.
- A Sport Clubs insurance fee of $30 must be paid once a year.

Additionally, to be eligible to play in the WCRHL and NCRHA, prospective players must fulfill the following criteria:

- Players must be enrolled in a minimum of nine (9) undergraduate or graduate units. This can include the quarterly .5 unit received for playing for UCSB Roller Hockey.
- Proof of amateur status.
- A USA Hockey Inline insurance fee of $20 must be paid once a year.
- A minimum of six (6) games must be played in order to be eligible for participation in postseason events (regional and national championships).

Tryouts: UCSB Roller Hockey holds formal tryouts once a year during September. Tryouts usually occur one week after freshmen are allowed to move into university affiliated housing - this means you must have your gear here in the Fall. A small, one time fee no higher than $20 will be charged for the multiple day tryout. A list of call backs will be compiled at the end of the "official" tryout weekend, and these call backs will be invited to regular season practice until our teams are chosen.

Additionally, for prospective players who missed the official tryout or who transferred after the Fall, individual evaluations will be available at any time. Please contact us to schedule an individual tryout.

Admissions: If you are a prospective high school or community college student, please check out our Admission Standards to find out how to get in to UCSB. Additionally, all high school seniors and community college students who wish to attend UCSB and play roller hockey should Contact Us around the time of their applications. Should you not be accepted on the first attempt, our program can help you during your appeals process by submitting your name to the Admissions Office. This must be done before the UC appeals deadline.

Also, we are always open to scouting prospective players. Contact us and we can arrange to set up a meeting time and place, as well as watch you play hockey.

Now, find out more about The School

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Watch as the Recreation Center II and our indoor SportCourt facility develop. This picture album will grow as the construction progresses. The opening date is set for Fall/Winter quarter of 2004-05.