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UCSB 2004-05 Rosters Announced
September 19, 2004

UCSB Hockey's 2004-05 rosters have been set for the first WCRHL tournament of the year in Upland, CA (Oct. 23). This is one of the deepest years the Gauchos have seen in recent memory, with the enthusiasm for hockey even greater than in the past as the RecCen II nears its completion date of January 3, 2005. The Gauchos will be fielding three teams this year for WCRHL play, and the competition in the first two weeks of practice has been outstanding. Look for players to move up and down between rosters this year as UCSB's depth allows for greater flexibility for game day line-ups.

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Important: All players must fill out the Sport Clubs registration packet ASAP. If you are planning on getting a physical soon, please detach the Medical Clearance Form on the back of the registration packet and have your doctor fill it out; returning players who have previously completed their physicals while playing for the team do not need the Medical Clearance Form filled out. We will also begin collecting team dues during this week; payment plans are possible.

Practice Days and Times:
Tuesdays: B Teams 9-10 PM, A Team 10-11 PM
Wednesdays: B Teams 10-11 PM, A Team 11-12 PM
Sundays: B Teams 8-9:30 PM, A Team 9:30-11 PM

All times are subject to change

Interview with Vince Gotanda (Class of 2001)
September 29, 2004

The many faces of Vince...

As a four year member of UCSB's A team from 1997-2001, Vince Gotanda brought heavy doses of physical play and dependable defense, as well as a legendary ability to do anything at anytime. Known far and wide as a great guy to have on your team and the last guy you want to play against, he was also affectionately known as "Momma Vince" during his last year as a Gaucho, having taken over the position of team president as a senior. Vince was also a classic case of a bi-polar hockey player - there's never been a friendlier guy off the rink, but when his skates hit the floor it was lights out time so long as you were wearing a different colored jersey. There have been many fresh faced rookies who regret wearing a different colored jersey to practice while Vince was playing.

We here at UCSB Hockey were delighted that Vince agreed to this interview, but upon receiving it we realized that "Diesel" was a man of few words. So, in an effort to paint a better picture of the man various alumni and current players wrote in with stories, recollections and anecdotes about him. You can read these at the bottom of the interview....

Name: Vince Naoki Gotanda

Years Played: 1997-2001

Position: Defense

Year of Graduation: 2001

Degree: Business Econ. w/ an Accounting Emphasis

Current Location: Los Angeles

Current Occupation: Fund Accountant

What are/were some of your nicknames while you played here? There were a couple. VD, Diesel, V Go, Goatassa, Goat, and Lance. Actually that last one was given to me by Dave Glass. It was our first season playing together, but we were at practice, and about half way through the season. In a scrimmage, while calling for a pass, he calls me Lance. Donít really know where that came from, but we all got a good laugh.

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